Real Estate

Increased interest rates and home prices have made it more important to negotiate sales and purchases to avoid unnecessary expense and surprise. At the same time, the internet has enabled individuals to quickly learn about property values and sell properties themselves through listing sites.

Recent court action has also enabled buyers to avoid paying unnecessary expense, freeing them to hire attorneys and others to protect their interests.

In this new environment, sellers are more able to sell their property without the burden of sales commissions and third-party involvement. And buyers are more able to use their money to hire professionals to assist and protect them with undivided attention.

Every transaction is unique. Hiring an attorney enables sellers and buyers to maintain control over the process and protect their rights.

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  • Representing sellers of real estate in For Sale by Owner offerings and private sales between family members and other parties.
  • Representing buyers in transactions.
  • Selling and purchasing properties using Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist, and other property sales sites.
  • Sales of property in probates, estates, and divorces.
  • Purchases from estates and individuals.
  • Land issues involving easements, boundaries, and other matters.