Elder Law and Protection


Providing individualized services for persons of all ages to aid with planning, asset protection, personal care, financial assistance, nursing care issues, and other matters.

Preparing wills and powers of attorney, protective trusts, and other aids for personal and financial security.


Planning for a person’s care may include taking steps such as preventing contact by particular individuals and providing for medical care and housing.

Protecting a person’s property may involve establishing safely-managed accounts, changing beneficiaries and owners of insurance and other property, reclaiming money and property wrongfully taken by misappropriation or mistake, dividing or transferring real estate and other property, determining paternity or “disinheriting”, revoking powers of attorney, and other steps.


Providing services involving Guardianship or Conservatorship. Appointment proceedings, termination, modification, and other issues.

Where an individual has a limited ability to handle his/her affairs, Guardian or Conservator appointment can often provide the help a person needs. This court process provides a needed level of protection for a person’s personal care and safety as well as preventing financial exploitation or inadvertent loss of assets.

Guardianship or Conservatorship is especially important for elderly, infirm, or disabled individuals and persons who have no trustworthy individual to rely upon for care and asset management. In some instances, a Guardian or Conservator may be appointed for a minor.

Under some circumstances, individuals may be sufficiently protected without a guardian, where appropriate, through preparation of protective trusts and other aids for personal and financial security.

Always hire an attorney for these important matters.

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