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Mediation sessions typically start at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm and can be scheduled within 7 to 10 days. Available dates and times will be discussed and a session set for a time that works for all of the parties.

Cost of mediation is typically divided equally between the parties, but they may also agree to divide the cost another way.

For parenting time issues where the parties are unable to reach agreement in mediation, the mediator can be authorized by the court to make a decision binding upon the parties. This enables the parties to proceed with a parenting time schedule without first going back to court. For more information, see the Parenting Time Expeditor tab.

Parties also mediate disputes not related to family issues, such as disagreements involving probate, estates, employment, and property.


Qualified Neutral Under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice

Courts often require parties to mediate matters involving divorce and children. However, the mediation process relies upon the ability of the parties to reach a voluntary, uncoerced agreement. The mediator serves as a neutral third party to facilitate communication between parties to promote settlement.

Mediation is based on the principle of self-determination. A mediator may not impose his or her own judgment on the issues for that of the parties.

Once parties have hired me to mediate their issues, each one communicates with me privately as they explore the disagreement which has them at odds. The parties are assured of my neutrality and their right to a non-coercive process, based upon their rights to self-determination.

In many cases, mediation can help resolve all or some of the issues and avoid an often long, expensive, and unpredictable court process.

In 1986, I was selected as one of the first persons to be trained as a family court mediator in Minnesota. My initial training was provided by the Erickson Mediation Institute of Edina, one of the country’s leading mediation training centers.

Since that time, I have received further training through a number of courts and private organizations, and served as a mediator in many court and non-court settings in central Minnesota and the Twin Cities. I also served as a Family Court Settlement Conference Referee in Hennepin County.

I have seen mediation help people make dramatic progress in difficult situations.


Parties often undertake mediation when not ordered by a court, in an effort to resolve issues as they negotiate terms for arriving at an out-of-court settlement.


Today, the mediation sessions are often conducted using Zoom or other online video resources, for convenience and to insure safety.

Issues covered in mediation can include any matter that the parties choose. For example, parenting time disputes, payment of expenses, conduct around the children, dividing assets in divorce, and questions arising after a divorce relating to wording of the Decree.

Mediators do not represent any of the parties or advise them regarding which issues to submit to mediation.

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Qualified Neutral Under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice

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