Parenting Time Dispute Resolution


A Parenting Time Expeditor can be hired to help resolve parenting time disputes that arise under the parenting time (or visitation) order that is in place.

In other words, the parenting time dispute has arisen because one or both parents believe the letter or intent of their court order is not being obeyed or is likely to be violated by the other.

A party, or the court, can initiate the process under which the court appoints an Expeditor.

Rather than filing a parenting time action in court, the parties engage in mediation with the Expeditor in an attempt to resolve the dispute. If the mediation is unsuccessful, as often happens, then the Expeditor makes a decision much as the judge would.

The parents and child(ren) benefit from the fact that the dispute will be resolved quickly and out of court.

Initial sessions are generally held in person, with follow up negotiations and mediation conducted by phone and virtual conferencing.

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Providing mediation of other family issues, such as:

   Divorce settlements

   Issues preventing completion of divorce proceedings

   Custody and visitation (parenting)

   Expenses of the parties and children


   Conduct of the parties when in the presence of the children


Also representing parties in establishing parenting time, child support, expense payments, and dissolution of marriage.

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