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          Attorney, Mediator, and Arbitrator

             Qualified Neutral Under Rule 114

             of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice




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PERSONAL GUIDANCE:  Providing personal, confidential advice and services for spouses, family, and others affected by loss of a loved one.

Emphasizing efficient handling of probate and non-probate options for survivors and family members, joint owners, and others.

Management of estate issues, including property transfers, probate and nonprobate options, resolution of claims, disputed inheritances, real estate, and other matters.

PROBATE:  Litigation of issues related to probate.  Property collection and management, insurance, claims administration, bookkeeping, distributions, real estate issues, government claims, family concerns, and other issues.

Professional estate collection and management assures that obligations are fulfilled and heirs receive property as intended and permitted by law.


ESTATE PLANNING:  Preparation of wills and trusts for individuals and couples. Simple to complex.


TRUSTS:  Preparation of trusts for managing property and other purposes.

Administration of trusts through informal and formal procedures.

Resolution of trust issues through appropriate processes, including litigation.




More than 20 years experience assisting individuals and families with

personal, professional attention.


Member, Minnesota State Bar Association Probate and Trust Section.


Prompt personal attention to these important matters.


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Family Mediation and Parenting Time Expeditor




Mediation is a flexible approach to resolving disputes. Parties communicate privately with a neutral who assists as they explore the disagreement which has them at odds.  As a neutral third party, the mediator facilitates communication between the parties to promote settlement, and offers an opportunity for self-determination by the parties.

Mediation allows parties an opportunity to settle matters privately.  Meetings can take place in the mediator's office or by other means that are most convenient for the parties.  In many cases, this can help resolve the issues and avoid an often long, expensive, and unpredictable court process.

Family Mediation Issues:  Court-ordered Mediation, Divorce Mediation, Custody and Visitation (Parenting), Scheduling, Grandparenting, Expenses, Reimbursement, Conduct and Respect, Coordination, Property Division, Parenting Time Expeditor, Miscellaneous Issues.


PARENTING TIME DISPUTE RESOLUTION:  Parenting Time Expeditor Services


A Parenting Time Expeditor can be hired to help resolve parenting time disputes that arise under the parenting time (or visitation) order that is in place.  In other words, the parenting time dispute has arisen because one or both parents believe the letter or intent of their court order is not being obeyed or is likely to be violated by the other. Rather than filing a parenting time action in court, the parties engage in mediation with the Expeditor in an attempt to resolve the dispute.  If the mediation is unsuccessful, as often happens, then the Expeditor makes a decision much as the judge would. The parents and child(ren) benefit from the fact that the dispute will be resolved quickly and out of court.





My services emphasize the most important features of productive mediation:

- flexibility in design

- full participation by the parties

- safe and productive mediation environment

- professionalism and independence

- knowledge of the law

- reasonable fees