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          Attorney, Mediator, and Arbitrator

             Qualified Neutral Under Minnesota Court Rule 114

             for Mediation and Arbitration




St. Cloud - Sartell

St. Joseph - Waite Park

6027 19th St. N.

St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303


(320) 251-0222



Providing services involving Guardianship or Conservatorship. Appointment proceedings, termination, modification, and other issues.

Where an individual has a limited ability to handle his/her affairs, Guardian or Conservator appointment can often provide the help a person needs. This court process provides a needed level of protection and oversight.


Guardianship or Conservatorship is especially important for elderly, infirm, or disabled individuals and persons who have no trustworthy individual to rely upon for care.  In some instances, a Guardian or Conservator may be appointed for a minor.


GUARDIANSHIP ALTERNATIVES:  Also working with individuals and families to establish alternative ways of providing safety and care, where appropriate.


LIFE PLANNING TRUSTS:  Services establishing and administering trusts for special needs, and dealing with other disability issues.




Providing individualized services to aid with planning, asset protection, personal care, financial assistance, nursing care issues and other matters.



More than 20 years experience assisting individuals and families with

personal, professional attention.


Member, Minnesota State Bar Association Probate and Trust Section.


Prompt personal attention to these important matters.


For more information and to set up an appointment

phone (320) 251-0222